Safe, Fast, Green Petroleum Remediation – NONTOX

NONTOX is an advanced bio-catalytic formula designed to work in concert with indigenous ecologies to accelerate the bio-remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants (TPH) in water and soils. It is safe and nontoxic to humans, marine life, and plant life. It is 100% biodegradable, and introduces no foreign, or cultured, bacteria into the environment. NONTOX raises dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies, which is critically important to aquatic life.

NONTOX is fully compatible with most types of application equipment, including hand or power sprayers, helicopter, airplane, or floating equipment. Its application requires no special equipment.

NONTOX is non-flammable, and will also reduce fire hazards by increasing flash points and auto-ignition thresholds of substances such as gasoline and fuel oil. The Safety Profile of NONTOX has been established through extensive laboratory testing utilizing accepted standards for dermal and ocular effects on animal and human subjects. Non-toxicity to bacteria colonies and aquatic organisms has been documented.

NONTOX works through the twin factors that are essential to petroleum hydrocarbon bio-remediation: 1) reduction of the hydrocarbons into a form that can be readily assimilated by indigenous ecological microorganisms, 2)stimulation of the proliferation of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms within sea water, soils, and water bodies.  Independent studies have shown 90% reductions in TPH levels in 96 hours in soil.

NONTOX is a highly concentrated liquid composition that is applied through water delivery spray systems. The dilution levels can be very high, as low as parts per million ranges, depending upon the concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants within the water or soil.  The application of NONTOX requires no special installation set ups. It is advisable to be added within water tanks prior to application for proper dilution.

NONTOX is completely safe for use by personnel, and requires no special protective clothing or handling procedures.

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